Thursday, May 27, 2010

Not Long 4 This World:
Bret Michaels risking his life story continues

Publications: People, In Touch, Us Weekly
Date: 7 June 2010

Last week it was Star magazine warning us about Bret Michaels AND stories in the legitimate press about a previously undiagnosed hole in his heart. This week three of The Only Ten Magazines That Matter have him on the cover warning about his health and his lifestyle choices.

  • People: Bret Living Dangerously
  • In Touch: Friends fear for Bret's life
  • Us Weekly: Bret Michaels ignoring doctors
That's a lot of warnings and one of them is from The Gold Standard, which has more weight than its competitors.

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Karen Zipdrive said...

Bret Michaels is untouchable in my book. I will say or hear nothing about the man. :|