Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kirk Douglas collapses!

Publication: Globe
Date: 10 May 2010

According to the Globe, Kirk Douglas's health has taken a turn for the worse because his grandson was sentenced to five years in prison.

I mock the Examiner and the Globe for what I call Hey Old Timer gossip, but at least they are talking about real stars who really did something to capture the public's imagination, even if it was several generations ago. So many of the other supermarket rags depend on reality TV stars to take up the space on their front covers, and those people haven't done anything.

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Karen Zipdrive said...

Those Douglas boys all have the addict situation in their DNA.
It runs in families.
Both Kirk and Michael were stunningly handsome as young men, but the grandson missed out.
His nose is too long and skinny and his skin is very methy.
I bet he gets parolled within a year. Money talks, baby.