Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hey Old Timer Gossip:
Where are Hugh O'Brian and Esther Williams now?

Publication: Globe
Date: 17 May 2010

If there is a weekly battle for the Hey Old Timer Gossip crown, I'm going to say the Globe beats the Examiner hands down. The Examiner has a story about Billy Graham, who has been famous a very long time. But here's who the Globe is talking about.

Ever wonder whatever happened to Hugh O'Brian, the very tall and ridiculously good looking star of the old Wyatt Earp TV show? I say "old" because the show started airing before I was born, and I'm no spring chicken.

This picture is in color. The show wasn't. Color TV was not an option in 1955.

Reading Wikipedia, Hugh is doing just dandy and he has a nice charitable foundation that helps kids go to college. Good on ya, Hugh!

Maybe you'd like to keep tabs on lovely Esther Williams, list on one website as "aquatic thespian"?

Okay, you are really old. Unlike Hugh O'Brian who was becoming a star when I was still in the cradle, Ms. Williams stopped making the bathing beauty movies about when I was born.

You'll be happy to know Ms. Williams is doing fine too. I know this because before my mom died last year, she talked about seeing an Esther Williams interview and how much she liked her. Ms. Williams career may have been a little silly, but she was not a silly woman, and my mom was really impressed with how gracious and sensible she was.

And, oh yeah, that doll had some gams. I mean, many hubbas, because two just isn't enough.

Best wishes to both Hugh O'Brian and Esther Williams on their long, successful and productive lives.

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