Saturday, May 29, 2010

Breaking news:
Heidi Montag leaving Spencer Pratt

Publication: TMZ online
Date: 29 May 2010

TMZ reports that Heidi Montag is looking for a place to live and wants to leave her husband Spencer Pratt. She is upset at the way Spencer has been controlling her image in the press.

In this picture, Spencer looks a little like a younger Brad Pitt with the older Brad Pitt's unfortunate love for bad facial hair choices.


susan s. said...

Yeah, I hate those beards. They look like they belong on another part of the body, if you get my drift.
And those 3 day growth beards that every man under 40 seems to be wearing nowadays. They just make a man look lazy.
Either wear a nicely groomed beard and/or mustache, or go barefaced.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Google "douchebag" and you'll see pics of Spencer Pratt and Scott Disick. End of story.