Friday, May 28, 2010

Bells Are Ringing alert™:
William and Kate's $40 mil Wedding of the Century

Publication: Star magazine
Date: 7 June 2010

According to multiple supermarket rag sources, the nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton are a done deal. It's a much easier system now that royal weddings don't have to be planned to avoid or encourage warfare.

Ah, good times!

The extra nugget of news this week is that the price tag of this little hoedown will be $40,000,000, or about £27,600,000 using their crazy moon money.

I mean, money named after a pound of silver? Are we still fretting about the Spanish Armada attacking? Has the Magna Carta been signed yet or is King John still being a dick?

Seriously, speak American. You are using our language, so get it right, for pity's sake.

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Karen Zipdrive said...

Aww. I wish Diana was around to see it.