Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bad romance alert: Damon Thomas trashes ex-wife Kim Kardashian

Publication: In Touch
Date: 17 May 2010

Fresh trash tomorrow! The worst trash saved for last this week.

Two weeks ago, Star magazine let Kim Kardashian rag on her ex-husband Damon Thomas, and she let him have it with both barrels. This week, In Touch lets Damon have his rebuttal.

  • Kim is obsessed with fame
  • She is a backstabber
  • She has X-rated pictures of sister Kourtney
  • She gossips about Khloe behind her back
She accused him of beating her, issuing death threats and forcing her to get liposuction. In the scumbag Olympics, he's going for the gold and she's probably not going to make the medal ceremony.

1 comment:

Karen Zipdrive said...

She was 19 when she married the creep. I think anything anyone did before age 30 is off limits.
At least I hope so.