Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fussin' and Feudin' Alert™:
Pamela Anderson hates Kate Gosselin UPDATED

Publication: Weekly Life and Style
Date: 12 Apr. 2010

Fresh trash on Thursdays!

If you went by the tabloids as your guide, you might think that Dancing With The Stars was more popular than American Idol. The more likely explanation is that the tabs have a better placed source at DTWS.

(Note: For the first time in early April 2010, DTWS actually did get better ratings than Idol.)

Whatever the case, the new reports are that Pam Anderson hates Kate Gosselin. Kate started the project with a big diva attitude and now she's trying to be friendly and Pam is having none of it.

This just goes to show that even though Pam has shown almost no good judgment in her entire life, she is not completely without the attribute.

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Karen Zipdrive said...

I have to side with Team Pamela. At least she can dance, and she never looks like she's sniffing a cat box.