Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shameless plug alert™:
Julia Roberts will star in Eat, Pray, Love

Publication: People
Date: 15 Mar. 2010

Since the Academy Awards are tonight, this morning we have two posts about actresses who have won Oscars. Back when Julia Roberts was going through boyfriends/husbands like Sherman through Georgia, she was primo tabloid fodder. These days, not so much.

She makes the cover of People because she will soon be seen in the movie version of Eat, Pray, Love, which will be released in August.

Usually, these kind of plugs for films happen slightly closer to the film's release and include something semi-racy. The Love Bird Alerts™ for Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler, for example, were really Shameless Plugs™ for their new movie, but packaged in a tabloid manner.

No such packaging for Miss Roberts now. She's too big a star for that.

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