Thursday, March 18, 2010

Late to the Party alert:
details about Corey Haim, eight days after his death

Publications: People, Us Weekly, Weekly Life & Style, Globe
Date: 29 Mar. 2010

Obviously, "Stop the presses!" is a concept foreign to the magazine biz. Former child star Corey Haim died eight days ago, but none of the supermarket tabloids could put out a story about him until now.

The headline on People: His tortured life.
The headline on Us Weekly: His sad final days.
Actual teaser details from Weekly Life & Style: Friends say he was killed, 85 pills a day, his friend Corey Feldman couldn't save him.
Short teaser from the Globe: They correctly multiply 85 and 7 and round it to a nice even 600 pills a week.

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Karen Zipdrive said...

I wonder if this kid knew Rush Limbaugh? Seems they'd have a lot in common.