Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bells Are Ringing Alert™:
Marie Osmond and ex-husband Steven Craig

Publication: Globe
Date: 5 Apr. 2010

I'm not sure of the rules. If one tabloid says someone is suicidal and another says a person has been saved from suicide, should that remove the person from the Not Long 4 This World list?

Clearly, I need a rabbi to clarify this conundrum of tabloidical law.

This is the Globe's first mention of Marie since her son's suicide, and their report says her first husband Steven Craig has saved her from suicide and they are getting re-married. Craig is not the biological father of the son who died. The relationship between her second husband Brian Blosil and the son who killed himself was not good. Blosil is a good Mormon, which means when it come to dealing with a gay son, he's a flaming asshole creep.

Not that I want to pass judgment.


Anonymous said...

Please leave Marie and her family the hell alone!! THANK YOU!!Go and pick on someone else if you really must !!

Matty Boy said...

This blog is about what is on the covers of the tabloids. When Marie is there she will be mentioned. Her son's suicide is a tragedy, and the Mormon faith is part of the reason why. I like her well enough, but her faith is creepy.

If you don't like reading that, you are free not to visit this blog.