Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bad Mom Alert™:
Angelina masculinizing daughter Shiloh

The category of Bad Mom Alert™ was created just this week, and it gets two entries already.

Besides Kate Gosselin ditching the kids, we have Weekly Life & Style dishing dirt on the mothering skills of Angelina Jolie.

Okay, it was bad enough when BrAngelina named their baby Shiloh Pitt. I mean, honestly, is there no one in their entire brain trust who ever heard of spoonerisms? Do they think that third graders have magically become more enlightened this millennium? Bad choice, no question.

But the new story takes Angie into Mommy Dearest territory. Shiloh, now coming up on four years old, has been given a page boy haircut. She isn't allowed to play with girly toys and Angie has taken to calling her "John".

Or maybe it's "Jon", named after Shiloh's creepy grand-dad Jon Voight.

In any case, Weekly Life & Style has decided this is news you can use and put in on the cover.

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