Saturday, March 6, 2010

And the camera noses in to the tears on his face:
Wayne Newton's pregnant daughter falls into a coma.

Publication: Globe
Date 15 Mar. 2010

The title of this post tells the whole story. The Globe said Wayne Newton is shattered, and I tried to find a picture where he didn't have that ridiculous smile plastered on his face, but Google images was no help. In every recent picture, he looks like an animatronic lounge lizard covered in Naugahyde.

Best wishes to his family.


susan s. said...

I wonder how many facelifts he's had. Also those acid peels look to be a possibility.

I know, I know, I take these things to seriously!

Matty Boy said...

It's hard not to comment, his look is so remarkably bad. One of the pictures I found was on a site called "Men who look like old lesbians".

Cruel but fair.

susan s. said...

This is a secret, but I think he and kd lang look a lot a like. But he wears shoes, so I can tell them apart.