Monday, February 15, 2010

You So Crazy Alert™:
Heidi Montag loves her new chin

Publication: People (online)
Date: 14 Feb. 2010

Here is a picture of Heidi Montag out in public for the first time since the 10 plastic surgeries, and People, which tends to be kinder than the other rags, lets her hang herself with her own words, saying how much she like the new chin, though she hoped the boobs would be bigger.

The general consensus of comments on other blogs was that she looks a Disneyland robot now, if the Tragic Kingdom decided to make a Hookers of the Caribbean ride. I put in the insert picture of her before the butchery both to show that she was a pretty girl before, and that she showed up at an event sponsored by Girls Gone Wild, which gives a clue about how much sense she had before she went under the knife.

For those of you keeping score, Heidi is a pro-pornography, pro-McCain, pro-self-mutilation born again Christian.

Girl, you so crazy™!

1 comment:

Karen Zipdrive said...

She could wear a burka and we'd know she was crazy, based solely on the douche bag she married.