Friday, February 5, 2010

Wheels of Justice Alert™:
Michael Irvin sued for rape

Publication: Miami Herald
Date: 5 Feb. 2010

I was going to make this a He Fought The Law Alert™, but pro football Hall of Famer has not been arrested for rape, he is being sued over an incident that happened in 2007 that the woman took two weeks to report to the police. Since he cannot lose his freedom but only lose money if the trial does not go his way, I'm not lumping him in with Gary Coleman and Leif Garrett at this time.

I have dear friends and loved ones who are fans of the Cowboys, but I have hated them every since the 1970s when they always beat the John Brodie San Francisco 49ers in the playoffs. I hated their holier-than-thou ways when Tom Landry ran the team and I hate their present owner Jerry Jones more than that. As for hating actual individual Cowboys players, Michael Irvin is very near the top of that list for me. That said, this sounds like a shakedown for money, doesn't it?

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