Friday, February 19, 2010

(Indirect) Not Long 4 This World Alert: Portia De Rossi

Publication: Globe
Date: 1 Mar. 2010

This week a new sub-category arrives, the Indirect Not Long 4 This World alert. The Globe tells us that Ellen DeGeneres is shattered because the woman she married is gravely ill. Besides reminding folks who are paying extremely little attention that Ellen is gay, the Globe is saying that Portia De Rossi is not well enough known to get her own headline. How "famous enough for a headline" is defined by the tabloids is anybody's guess.

In any case, the actress who was a regular on Ally McBeal, Arrested Development, Nip/Tuck and Better Off Ted is now just "Ellen DeGeneres' unnamed wife", and the tabs think her illness is very serious.

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