Thursday, February 11, 2010

Damn You Skinny alert™:
Kendra Wilkinson loses the baby fat fast

Publication: OK!
Date: 22 Feb. 2010

For those of you blissfully unaware of reality TV, Kendra Wilkinson was one of the skanky hos who shared the shriveled embarrassment to his species Hugh Hefner, but Kendra decided to have something like a real life, left and married a football player. She had a baby on December 10, and this picture was taken on February 11. Of course, OK! magazine would never retouch a photo like this, because that just isn't done.

I'm sorry, let me edit that last sentence. Of course, OK! magazine retouched this photo, because damn near every photo you see in a magazine is retouched in some way.

Many Damn You Skinny alerts™ will be of the "please give that girl a sandwich" type, but there will also be the "lost the baby fat" types as well.


Anonymous said...

All three of the girls left Hef.

Matty Boy said...

Then he got three more, though I hear the 20 year old twins are out the door.

When he doesn't get any more to replace the previous ones, only then will balance be restored to the Force.

Karen Zipdrive said...

The twins have a combined IQ of 92.
That, and dual Tourette's Syndrome caused old Hef to ship them to the annex next door. They make the other bunnies seem like a mensa sorority.