Sunday, January 17, 2010

You So Crazy Alert™: Heidi Montag has 10 plastic surgeries in one day

Publication: People Magazine
Date: 25 Jan. 2010

Let us stipulate that the lowest form of celebrity is reality TV star, though beauty queen and relative of a celebrity are also in contention for the bottom rung. Heidi Montag started on the MTV reality show Laguna Beach and then became the star of the spin-off reality show The Hills. An attractive young lady who desperately wants to be famous, she proclaims herself a born-again Christian while posing naked in Playboy.

While I say "attractive", obviously this is a matter of controversy, even for her, as she has decided to have ten separate plastic surgeries, and these are not her first. In the before and after photoshopped pictures above, the most obvious change is the boob job, which is actually her second, the first pair not obnoxiously big enough. If you click on the picture, you'll see she's getting a nose job, chin job, butt implants, multiple liposuction procedures, botox... you name it.

This woman is 23 years old. While I put her on a You So Crazy Alert™ because the shoe fits, I actually feel a little bit bad about it. People have obviously made fun if her for whatever reasons, and it has hurt her enough that she is spending a fortune and opening herself up to further ridicule in an attempt to boost her self-esteem.

In some ways, this is sadder than the silly starlets who have no control over booze and drugs. Some of them might make it out of the downward spiral only slightly worse for wear. This young woman is scarred physically for life, and it's very unlikely she'll recover any mental or emotional equilibrium either, if she ever had any.

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Karen Zipdrive said...

From horseface to whorseface!